Margarita Celeste Astrologist

Margarita Celeste

Astrology has been Margarita’s passion ever since she can remember. Since early childhood, she had a knack for remembering people’s star signs, and as a teenager, she revelled in reading Linda Goodman’s Sun signs.

Fast-forward to her twenties.

Margarita began studying Eastern Astrology with her uncle, followed by three years of formal Traditional Astrology studies with celebrated Astrologer and Shaman Rod Suskin. She graduated with both a scholarship and distinction under her belt and began her Astrology Practice under the name ‘Margarita Celeste Astrology & Tarot’.

Since 2015, Margarita has built a strong clientele and made Astrology her full-time career. She not only consuls but also writes for popular websites and apps, as well as teaching courses to beginners and intermediate students alike.

Margarita’s special skills lie in helping her clients and students to know and understand themselves better, using the ancient and sacred art of Astrology as a tool. Doing her 12-week courses, she helps students uncover their own strengths, talents and challenges, leaving them feeling empowered, validated and excited about the skills they have gained. She has personally witnessed the life-changing effects that people can experience when owning disowned parts of themselves and coming to a greater and deeper understanding of their own beings and, thereby, of the Cosmos itself.