No doubt, The Astrology is also a Science like Medical Science and similarly can give the treatments to a native to get rid from his / her difficulties in life. If it not happens so, then what is the use of Astrology, only to read it, know it, learn it. This is not mere a subject for debate / discussion on it. The debate or discussion should be for how to give a treatment to the native on base of Astrology so that this Science may also be useful for Public as the Medical Science is. I put down here few points on which an Astrologer should first give his / her attention then should declare the facts for the native.

A) In Indian Astrology, there is much type of Periods Dasha with help of which a System to predict the Planetary-Period-Effect of a Native is in force and these are as Vimshottari, Ashtottari, Char, Tribhagi, Yogini, Mudda etc. But besides these Planetary Periods, there are also two more Periods, first of Goddess Lakshmi and the second of Dhan-rakshak Nagdevta Say including these two extra Periods each & every Person faces three types of Periods at one time in his / her life. These both extra Periods are too powerful to affect Good/Bad the running Third Period of Planet.

Remember that any kind of favor of any Planet in their Period/s, has no meaning if at that time the Periods of Goddess Lakshmi and Dhan-rakshak Nagdevta any one / both don’t have any favor to the Native. So before any prediction for the Period/s of any Planet it is quite necessary first to Judge the effect of Goddess Lakhmi and Dhan-rakshak Nagdevta Periods.

More over the result producing capacity of Planet and house fertility power of the house to which the Planet relates, should also be verified as no Planet has power to produced the result more than his capacity and none house can fertile the result more than its own fertility power.

B) In any Horoscope if there is Kalsarp Dosh (03-Categories), Vampire Catch Dosh (02-Categories) and Chakravyuh Dosh (02-Categories) the Horoscope is Weak and the Native can’t get favorable situation in his / her life to some extent, Say the Native is bound to struggle. So first of all these all should be cured with applicable Worships at applicable Muhurats.

C) If any Person has his / her Devi Swans Gayatri not functioning in the Horoscope then it is a clear indication that when ever he / she self applies the Demand-Worship the same ever remains in vain. So while giving any remedial Worship to be done by self, this point should be considered first. Any Worship if held under a Sankalp by the Honourable & Qualified Acharya no doubt it will produce the desired result, if the Proper Steps (Vidhan) of Worship has been applied therein with full devotion & faith.

In the end, I would like to say that in Astrology there is nothing impossible which a person can’t achieve by having the Proper Diagnosis of Misfortunes, Proper Direction of Worship, Proper Potency of Worship, Proper Time of Worship, Proper Place of Worship and more over Proper Belief-Faith-Devotion in Worship and Almighty GOD with a condition that the Astrologer and the Acharya must be well Qualified and Pure by Body, Mind and Soul as any kind of Impurity within the three i.e. The Astrologer, The Acharya and The Devotee, ever reduces / cancels the Worship’s good-effect. The Astrology is the Science which can easily bless any body with a long-longevity of life by adopting the procedure of applicable Worship as of categories described above. Thanks for spending your valuable moments to read & go through the facts. Thanks.