Selen Sekmen Numerologist

Selen Sekmen

I was born in Turkey in 1987. I graduated from Istanbul University with a master’s degree in Child Development.

Instead of working in my field of study, I chose to specialize in sales. I understood the very reason for this after astrology and numerology entered my life during a period of financial and spiritual collapse in 2019. I realized I was running away from my responsibilities. 

While life wanted me to specialize in children, mothers, and the spiritual field, and to be a light to them, I was trying to progress on a completely different path and make a career out of it. At the end of this period, when I still insisted on not understanding the incoming messages, the universal system used its own method and I hit rock bottom.

After analyzing my numerological and astrological charts, I have come to realize that we are embodied into this world with our user manual and our destiny possibilities encrypted in our names, dates of birth, and times of birth. Life is so easy, yet we choose to make it difficult by not acting according to our own designs. When I experienced this awareness, I emerged from where I had fallen with new wings and chose to be a light for every soul that intends to evolve…

Please realize; that those who cannot dare to know themselves cannot transform their lives!