Tarot and numerology are two different practices, but they are similar in nature and can be used together for greater guidance through life. You turn to tarot when you want to improve your intuition and gain insight into who you are and what is happening in your life at any given moment. You can use a tarot reading to help make important decisions or just to get through difficult times in your life.

Numerology provides guidance and can be helpful when making important decisions in life, but it provides more of an overview of life. A numerology reading uses the numbers associated with your name and birth date to give a view of what is in the stars for your life. This is a different perspective on your life, which can enhance your use of tarot.

The great thing about tarot numerology is that once you learn the basics of one, you already know some of the basics of the other.

Those who take tarot seriously will typically end up learning something about numerology, and vice versa. When you combine the two together you can understand the overall view of your life as well as the current events happening in your life.

The Major Arcana tarot cards happen to be based on numbers, which are the driving force of numerology. This is the direct tie between the two practices. Numerology deals with numbers 1-22 and those happen to be the numbers on the Major Arcana tarot cards.

Here is a quick overview of the cards and their basic meaning. Use it as a quick reference and to understand how tarot numerology is connected.

The list will be laid out like this for easy understanding: Tarot card name – Number – Meaning

Fool – Unnumbered – New Start

Magician – 1 – Ambition and Self Drive

High Priestess – 2 – Imagination and Intuition

Empress – 3 – Stability

Emperor – 4 – Self-Discipline

Hierophant – 5 – Taking Responsibility of Self

Lovers – 6 – Magnetism and Determination

Chariot – 7 – Movement

Strength – 8 – Contended with Challenges

Hermit – 9 – Inner-Reflection

Wheel of Fortune – 10 – Eternity, Rise and Fall

Justice – 11 – Decisions

Hanged Man – 12 – Surrender and Re-Energize

Death – 13 – Unknown and Unexpected

Temperance – 14 – Caution and Risk

Devil – 15 – Magic and Mystery

Tower – 16 – Inevitable Change

Star – 17 – Faith and Hope

Moon – 18 – Inner Conscience

Sun – 19 – Promises, Happiness and Success

Judgment – 20 – Clarity of Thought and Spiritual Development

World – 21 – Advancement, Success and Achievement

Notice that every card in the Major Arcana tarot deck is associated with a number.

Those numbers in turn have meanings in the discipline of numerology. The difference is that the tarot cards are used to give readings regarding what is happening in your life at a given moment in time. Numerology uses the numbers to determine what should happen over the course of your entire life. Numerology gives the larger overview while tarot gives the smaller details of life.

You may start out with an interest in one practice or the other, but don’t be surprised if you end up following tarot numerology as one practice in the future.

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