Virgo and Pisces Compatibility

When talking about Virgo and Pisces compatibility, they say that opposites attract. Why? What makes opposite signs so compatible? What do they bring to each other that makes it work so well?

Well, not all opposites attract, especially when it comes to Astrology. Fixed signs, such as Aquarius and Leo, for example, may struggle to get along, being basically quite stubborn and somewhat inflexible. It can be harder for signs like this to find a middle ground.

Other signs, such as Virgo and Pisces, have a much easier time. They are known as ‘mutable’ signs, meaning they’re naturally more adaptable and find it easier to compromise. Virgo and Pisces are actually highly compatible. They have a strong friendship and go together well in bed too.

Being earth and water, there’s a special relationship between Virgo and Pisces. The watery, sensitive energy of Pisces soothes and nurtures the earthy, hardworking nature of Virgo. Virgo feels comforted by the compassionate Pisces, and Pisces feels safe in the physical world through the caring practicality of Virgo. This, amongst other things, makes Virgo and Pisces some of the most compatible opposite signs. Their level of comfort and probability with each other is very high.

Let’s get a little more specific about Virgo and Pisces compatibility. What exactly makes Virgo and Pisces so well matched? Are Virgo and Pisces soulmates? Why does Virgo love Pisces so much? Are Virgo and Pisces twin flames? Read on to find out.

Are Pisces and Virgo a Good Match?

Are Pisces and Virgo a good match? No. They’re not just good. They’re great. Pisces and Virgo are a match made in heaven. On the surface, they might seem like chalk and cheese, but at heart, Pisces and Virgo are incredibly similar.

The keywords for these signs are Service and Healing. Thus, Pisces and Virgo will always strive to help each other be the best that they can be. They will go out of their way to be kind-hearted with each other and will hold each other as a high priority.

Virgo tends to love taking care of practical issues and adores giving grounded advice. Pisces need someone like this in their lives, as this zodiac sign can be rather drifting and confused, finding it hard to deal with the pressures of life. This alone makes Virgo and Pisces very compatible.

Yet, there’s more. The Pisces, in return, gives Virgo unconditional love, support and absolute devotion. They bring softness and magic into the Virgo’s world, not to mention fun, play, love and creativity. They also are a shoulder to lean on emotionally, which helps Virgo to get out of their analytical head.

Will Pisces Marry Virgo?

Will Pisces Marry Virgo

You may be wondering if Pisces will ever marry Virgo. The answer is a resounding Yes. Pisces is one of the most romantic zodiac signs, making them dream of the day they’ll finally tie the knot. And, no matter how many times they get married, this sign will never stop believing in true love.

Of course, they can’t help but fall head over heels for the smart, intelligent and wise Virgo. Pisces will immediately see Virgo’s heart of gold, which makes Virgo feel cherished and adored, not to mention that Pisces needs to marry someone like Virgo.

Why? Virgo is remarkably good at taking care of things that need to be organized, from bills to chores to other earthly, practical matters. This frees up the Pisces to dream, drift, create, and make a nourishing and welcoming home for the Virgo. That’s not to say that the Pisces will end up as a housewife or husband, but rather that, given free time, they’ll happily ensure that the magical side of life is taken care of, which the Virgo needs.

Now, it’s good to keep in mind that Pisces people tend to be a little non-committal. They can fall in and out of love in an instant. There are very few people that the Pisces feel they can actually be with over a lifetime. Virgo is one of the only zodiac signs that Pisces feels safe enough with, held enough with, that they can promise a lifetime and actually stick to it. When discussing Virgo and Pisces compatibility, the marriage compatibility between Virgo and Pisces is very high. 

Are Virgo and Pisces Twin Flames?

Are Virgo and Pisces Twin Flames

First of all, we have to understand exactly what a twin flame really is. Twin flames are mirrors of us; they are our ‘other half’. Much of the time, twin flames don’t end up spending the rest of their lives together. They might be separated by distance, culture, or circumstances. Or, the triggers are too difficult for them, making it an on-again, off-again relationship.

Virgo and Pisces are most likely not twin flames, using this description. Virgo and Pisces are more like soulmates. When Virgo and Pisces get together, they tend to mate for life. Their relationship is mostly quite peaceful, and they’re able to heal together. Yet, sometimes, there can be issues if they haven’t done their inner work. This may end up looking like a twin flame connection. Their job will then be to use the information given to go off and do the healing so that their relationship stands a chance of lasting. Once they do this work and face their shadows, these two may even evolve into Soulmates.

Why Does Virgo Love Pisces So Much?

Are Pisces and Virgo Soulmates

So far in this article on Virgo and Pisces compatibility, we’ve said plenty about why Virgo is such a great partner for Pisces. But there hasn’t (yet) been much mention of why Virgo loves Pisces so much. What makes Virgo and Pisces most compatible? So why does Virgo love Pisces the way that they do?

Well, Virgo tends to see Pisces’s tender vulnerability and responds very well to it. They often feel quite protective of Pisces, wanting to look after them in practical ways, whether that’s down to making sure that they eat, that their bills are paid, and that they are on top of their admin. The Virgo adores feeling useful and needed, and Pisces needs the Virgo. Without them, they tend to flounder in the ‘real world’.

Virgo will also just love how the Pisces love them with all their hearts. There’s never any judgment coming from the Pisces. Pisces just accepts Virgo, flaws and all – even loves them for it. Virgo has a tough time loving themselves and can be very hard on themselves at times. This is a critical, strict sign, always expecting better and better of themselves. Pisces soothes Virgo’s anxiety and lets them know that they are okay – better than okay, in fact. This is everything to the Virgo and makes them fall in love with Pisces all the more each and every day.

Are Pisces and Virgo Soulmates?

Now for the big question – are Virgo and Pisces soulmates? It’s safe to say that they are. Virgo and Pisces are some of the two most compatible signs in the zodiac, after all. What makes a soulmate? The soulmate is someone you feel safe with, you feel calm around, peaceful, protected and loved. The relationship feels strong and grounded. Virgo and Pisces have this kind of connection, even if they are opposite signs.

Sure, some work has to be done, and they, like any other couple, will have their issues. But the defence is that because they are both so kind and caring, they’ll always be able to find their way. The Virgo does need to be careful not to be too critical with Pisces, and Pisces should not be too non-committal with Virgo. But these are small issues, quickly and easily remedied between two people who truly adore one another.

How are Pisces and Virgo in Bed?

How are Pisces and Virgo in Bed

Now for the sauciest question of them all! How are Virgo and Pisces when it comes to the bedroom? Are they compatible there, too? Do Virgo and Pisces have a strong physical bond together?

The answer is a resounding yes (and yes, and yes!). There’s a well-known saying about Virgo – ‘reserved in the streets, wild in the sheets’. This is extremely true, as the Pisces will come to discover. Virgo may not be the best as public displays of affection, but they are totally hands-on behind closed doors. After all, this is an earth sign, and all earth signs are well-known for their sensual sides. They love to touch, taste, smell and feel.

What about Pisces? How do they respond to this sensual energy? Well, Pisces is a water sign, making them soulful lovers. They respond to Virgo’s passion with equal enthusiasm, eager to merge themselves, heart, body and soul. They seek transcendent experiences, which helps to balance the physically-oriented Virgo out.
What’s more, being both such giving signs, they will happily meet each other’s sensual needs without thinking of themselves. This ensures both tend to walk away totally satisfied with their encounter and eager for the next!

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