I decided to calculate the 2014 annual horoscope for all signs due to great interest from my newsletter subscribers and faithful website visitors. I know you are all excited to learn what the upcoming year may bring, and I am excited to illuminate some of that information for you.

Before you scroll down to read your 2014 annual horoscope, understand that the horoscopes presented here are quite general. This is the best I can do when forecasting the year for everyone who shares a particular sign. There is a lot more to your personal fate for 2014, so contact me through this site if you are interested in a personal prediction.

I don’t believe in giving out the sugar without the bitter salt. You will find positive and negative readings in these horoscopes. I don’t want to make you afraid with the negative predictions anymore than I want to give you only to good predictions. Make the most of the positive while planning ahead for the negative.


Regardless of your 2014 horoscope, you can turn this year into an amazing experience full of memorable events. If you need guidance, contact me through the website.


Aries 2014 Horoscope (March 21 to April 20)

Contemplation, temptation and the development of new skills will define the year for you. If you have dreams of moving up the ladder, this is the year to start stepping up. Your talent and skill will give you great influence over others, so use that to your advantage.

When it comes to financial negotiations, you can expect some deception to come your way. The truth may not always be put out on the table openly. Make sure you investigate the terms of all legal documents thoroughly before signing.

Your family life will involve some type of movement this year. You may move homes or experience some other type of mobile change. This may or may not have something to do with the period of emotional turmoil to occur in your life this year. Your health or eating patterns may also bring on some health problems this year.

If you are single, this is the year to mingle. Meet new people and take on new activities because that special someone is waiting to be found.

Taurus 2014 Horoscope (April 21 to May 20)

Structure and discipline define 2014 for you, Taurus. Try to stay organized and follow the rules, and you will achieve great things regardless of the major shakeup that will occur in your work environment this year. This shakeup may be stressful, but it will also hand you a fresh start and a chance to build something new.

There may be problems in the financial realm this year. Some mistakes will lead you to restrict expenses and make some sacrifices in order to stay in the black. It wills art with limited cash flow, but that is temporary. You can expect greater financial stability toward the last half of the year.

You will move through a phase of conflict and stress in your domestic life, but it will eventually lead to a happier place with greater comfort. Betrayal could be in the cards, so look out for potential love affairs and watch your own desires when it comes to romance. Betrayal will lead to explosion this year.

Serious health problems may come your way this year, but patience will see you through the difficult times. You will have great energy regardless of these problems, and you will pull through with time.

Gemini 2014 Horoscope (May 21 to June 21)

This year is all about getting rid of aspects of your life that no longer fit the person you want to be and the life you want to live. You will experience greater freedom this year and should use it to explore new paths for your professional life. Finances are on your side this year, and you will take some steps that are productive for you but disruptive to others.

As you interact with others this year, look out for falsified information and underhanded deals. Some double dealing may be in the works as well. You may experience some negative energy in your domestic realm as well as hypocrisy and misunderstandings surface. Arguments may surface, and there may be a power struggle or two.

You can control the negativity in your personal relationships by implementing your communication skills fully and having tremendous patience with those you love. This will stop many arguments before they escalate into something devastating.

If you experience problems with your stomach this year, adjust your diet. A healthier lifestyle may be required for comfort and improved health.

Cancer 2014 Horoscope (June 22 to July 21)

You have great intuition, and you will need it this year. This is the year to tap into your deepest potential, especially in business. If you are in the business world, you will see amazing things happen in your favor almost like magic.

Money could be a problem for you this year, but hard work is key to turning it around. You can experience greater financial security by the end of the year if you are courageous and handle your money problems head on.

Your domestic life will bring a period of chaos and confusion, but it will lead to positive change. The chaos in your life may drive you to be more selfish and focus on your own needs, and that may drive a wedge between you and some people you love. If you are single, expect a lot of misses as you try to find that special someone, but you could find the perfect person by the end of the year.

Anxiety may lead to overindulgence this year, but you have the strength to control your desire to indulge. This is a year of great strength for you, so amazing things can happen.

Leo 2014 Horoscope (July 22 to August 22)

This is the year you can make your dreams come true, so get ready to play every trump card in your hand. You will notice progress in your career this year, especially as activity picks up for you around the middle of the year.

The beginning of the year will bring financial burdens and tremendous obligations, so you may need to ask for help. You can bail yourself out of the financial struggle by finding alternative funding sources.

Your domestic life will bring big revelations this year, but you can expect positive results in the end. You will need to spend time listening to your partner and understanding their needs, but they have new things to teach you this year.

You may suffer some health problems this year, so take precautions to ensure your well being and overall health. You will come across unique circumstances that allow you to travel, and this will help improve your health and rejuvenate your spirit.

Stay open this year, as new ideas will come from unusual sources. You will come across the perfect solutions to big problems if you remain open.

Virgo 2014 Horoscope (August 23 to September 22)

Your 2014 annual horoscope is promising in terms of your career. This is the year to show what you can do and impress those who matter because everything is aligned perfectly for professional advancement. The circumstances of your life are also under your complete control this year, so the timing is right to enter financial arrangements and make deals.

The trouble for you may come on the home front as miscommunication brings chaos to your personal relationships. Working with other members of your family, you can make arrangements that ensure peace for all.

For your romantic relationship, listen closely to what they have to say rather than analyzing and judging your partner. Let your feelings guide your decisions in this area of your life. If you are single, you may find yourself torn between multiple love interests this year. Give serious thought to what you want out of your next relationship so that you make the right choice.

Stress may get the best of you this year and could possibly lead to health problems. Practice meditation, deep breathing exercises and relaxation techniques to keep your emotions and temper under control. You are vulnerable to blow small issues up into major issues if you aren’t careful. If you don’t find ways to relieve stress and relax, you will find yourself wasting time with health issues.

Libra 2014 Horoscope (September 23 to October 22)

Your 2014 horoscope will bring your best laid plans and most loved projects to successful conclusion. Conflict in the workplace will surface this year as colleagues present ideas that do not mesh well together. You need to take charge and bring peace by clarifying all issues.

You will experience financial stability this year, but you still need to make careful decisions about what to do with your money. You should not reveal information regarding your finances to anyone else this year.

You can expect to feel confident in yourself this year. A series of positive events will occur, and that might include some positive lessons learned from past relationships. Memories from these past relationships will help you learn without carrying you too far into the past.

Fatigue may become a problem for you due to pressures surfacing in your life. Develop a health lifestyle and fight stress so that your energy is revived. Keep your stubbornness in check as it will not help you this year.

Scorpio 2014 Horoscope (October 23 to November 23)

Something unexpected is going to bring positive change into your life this year. Your challenge is to focus steadily on your goals and work despite mental and physical fatigue. If you can do that, you will be rewarded with support, financial gains and change for the better.

Domestic problems you are currently experiencing could be laid to rest after the middle of the year as long as you make the most of a critical event. Look out for an inheritance or legacy that could change the course of your personal relationships.

Your 2014 horoscope is all about focus and practicality even when your energy runs low and problems abound. Rewards are in the cards if you can maintain your concentration on what matters most.

Sagittarius 2014 Horoscope (November 24 to December 21)

The highlight of your 2014 annual horoscope is a career opportunity with tremendous potential. If you have hit a rut with your professional life, this is your chance to come out ahead. Key financial arrangements could restore order to your financial circumstances as well, but you will still need to remain careful when making money decisions.

You should find yourself incredibly happy at home this year. New circumstances will bring peace and joy. Your personal relationships may have some conflict and mixed emotions right now, but you will clear that up this. You will suffer disappointment and your share of conflict with loved ones, but you will have the chance to bring it back to a place of happiness with those you care about.

Expect some rough times with your health as well, particularly if you suffer from migraines or frequent headaches. Your overriding theme for the year is to overcome problems and expand your horizons.

Capricorn 2014 Horoscope (December 22 to January 19)

Areas of your professional life have been neglected, but a wake-up call will push you to pay more attention to those areas. That wake-up call may also force you to tap into new areas of your career this year. Expect some challenges around springtime, but tremendous personal growth will allow you to keep up to your own expectations.

In your finances, expect something out of your control and unexpected to bring transformation. If you are experiencing a problem in your home life, expect transformation in that area as well. Your problems at home could be completely gone by the end of the year, but you will need to trust your intuition and apply all of your skill sets to get there.

You can expect your energy levels to reach highs and lows throughout the year, depending on the amount of patience and caution you apply at any given time. Impulsiveness will lead to problems for you. The good news is that you are ready for an emotional and physical transformation due to changing circumstances and new resources ready to reveal themselves this year.

Aquarius 2014 Horoscope (January 20 to February 19)

Your 2014 horoscope is full of possibility, so stay open to change. You will need to rely on creative ideas and unique approaches to reach your professional goals as challenges in the workplace overwhelm you.

Toward the middle of the year, positive initiatives will pay off for your financial life. You can expect a complete revival in the money department, but you will need to diversify investments. You will also need to remain flexible so that you can adjust your financial plans with little notice.

In your domestic life, responsibility will weigh heavy on you this year. You will face many restrictions with your loved ones, but you will also experience a surge of emotions that will take your romantic relationship to a new level. If you have felt frozen emotionally, expect to thaw out this year.

You should watch your legs, joints and circulatory system this year. Your angels are ready to help you improve your health in these areas, but you need to check on health issues that caused problems for you in the past.

Pisces 2014 Horoscope (February 20 to March 20)

The boundaries of 2013 will slip away as you reach for higher dreams and bigger goals in 2014. Opportunities for improvement will come your way, but too much confidence will destroy them.

Live a practical life and make smart financial decisions so that you can enjoy tremendous money opportunities later in the year. If you have suffered emotionally in the last year, get ready to welcome new circumstances that will bring brighter emotional days.

Welcome constructive advice this year because it will help you regain balance in your life and protect your health. You can end the year feeling refreshed and vibrant, but you have to listen to the advice.

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