Hi, My name is Sivakumar. I was born on August 10, 1969 in Machilipatnam at 7:45 a.m. My Guru dasha went on excellent so as to say with what the basic foundation was laid. I had a tremulous period of Saturn dasha for 19 years during which time Saturn lord put me to lot of hurdles which I knew that I had to succumb to, but as the dasha ended he showed me a nice path to enter into because of my Mercury dasha started and I knew this was the golden period for 17 years that I was going to experience with some hiccups. The beauty of knowing astrology is you know how the things will go on, but you cannot stop from the things happening as i feel our destiny is fixed at the time one is born. The beauty of knowing astrology helps you to identify why the things are going that way, but outsiders looking at us end up saying in a different way. I do not know how many of you agree, but these are the experiences through my 44 years of journey in life with life moving on. In cut short, I strongly feel that one’s destiny is fixed. One more thing I would like to share to substantiate this is when I was young, I saw a Bengali movie in which the hero was a great astrologer and he knows that he gets married twice in his life and he knows that his mother dies in his hands and as i said destiny is fixed, it happens the same way though he tries to minimize the effect, he tied some Rakshak thread to his mother’s upper arm, and in the end, the astrologer’s mother dips in holy river Ganga and when the astrologer tries to save his mother as he feels she is going deep in, his mother moves in and never returns and the Rashak thread sticks to his shirt button. By narrating this movie, what I intend to put forward is nothing we can change, our destiny is already written at the moment we were born.