Lotus Tarot could be considered the World of Tarot. It is just one website created by passionate tarot reader Alison Day, but it offers everything you need to enrich your life through tarot reading.

Are you looking for tarot readings? This site has you covered.

Are you interested in learning how to do tarot readings yourself? This site has you covered.

Would you like to chat and get to know others interested in tarot? Once again, This site has you covered.

This one website provides everything you need to start enriching your life with tarot. Originally, the site was dedicated to all things tarot, but a professional numerologist has now been brought on board. This gives just one more element of learning and enrichment that can be gained from the site.

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Tarot Card Readings

You can get as involved with the readings as you want. You can get a free reading without signing up for the site or you can sign up for a free account and take advantage of three free readings. These readings are limited to certain tarot card decks and aren’t personalized. If you sign up for the free site account, you can save your readings so they can be studied more in-depth or looked back upon to see how accurate they were in hindsight.

If you want more personalized readings, then you can go through a paid tarot card reading with a professional reader. These readings will be more accurate and will provide more in-depth information about where you are in life right now and what may be coming up for you in the future.

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Learning Tarot

There are many websites now offering free tarot and numerology readings, but few offer the detailed information about tarot that you will find at Lotus Tarot. Alison Day offers a free course that teaches you the basics of learning to read tarot cards. This is basically an introduction course that can help you start a path of reading tarot yourself.

This course is also useful if you are going to get paid readings from Lotus Tarot. When you understand the basics of how the cards are being read, you can get more out of each reading.

There is also a section that gives a quick overview of what the Major Arcana cards mean. This gives more in-depth information about cards that come up in the readings, so it’s a nice reference whether you go for the free or paid readings.

<b.finally, lotus=”” tarot=”” has=”” a=”” new=”” area=”” where=”” members=”” can=”” chat=”” with=”” one=”” another,=”” interact=”” alison=”” day,=”” and=”” just=”” mingle=”” others=”” interested=”” in=”” card=”” reading.<=”” b=””>You will likely learn more from the interaction in these forums than you do from any other website or tarot reading course!

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Let the Tarot Fun Begin…

Put all this together and you see why Lotus Tarot could be called the World of Tarot. Everything you need to enrich your life with tarot is provided in this one site. This is a website where beginners are nourished and experts are impressed. Whether you want to have a tarot reading to get through a difficult time in life or you just want to learn more about tarot reading, I highly recommend Lotus Tarot as a starting point.

Head on over to the site and at least enjoy your free reading. Go through the detailed descriptions of the cards to get an in-depth understanding of that reading. If you find it valuable, go for a personalized paid reading. Your life will be enriched as a result.


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